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How to ensure the grinding size

Dolomite material

Dolomite is mainly composed of dolomite, often mixed with quartz, feldspar, calcite and clay minerals. It is brittle and has low hardness. It forms white stone powder after weathering. The appearance is very similar to that of limestone, but it is tougher than limestone, and its application value after processing is more. Large, in the metallurgical industry can be used as a flux and refractory materials, in the chemical industry can produce calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer, granular fertilizer and so on. In addition, it is also used as ceramics, glass ingredients and building stone. Commonly processed is the dolomite Stamp Mill, or the construction of the dolomite Stamp Mill production line to process its machine.

Dolomite Stamp Mill

1. Dolomite milling equipment — — Generally, like other minerals, the selected dolomite milling equipment is a common general-purpose Stamp Mill. The Stamp Mill of this equipment has large force and the allowed feed. The particle size is also large, which is conducive to the pulverization of large particles of dolomite.

2, dolomite fine crushing equipment & mdash; & mdash; the equipment generally chooses Stamp Mill enough, for two reasons: First, because the dolomite rock itself is not high hardness, using Stamp Mill has been able to meet the mineral crushing of dolomite; Second, when the Stamp Mill finely breaks the mineral, as a two-stage Stamp Mill, it can perform fine-grained pulverization and effective micro-shaping of the processed dolomite, which is very beneficial to the finished stone.

Dolomite special Stamp Mill effect

These dolomite Stamp Mills or Stamp Mills, together with some auxiliary equipment, such as feeders, vibrating screens, etc., can form a complete production line of dolomite Stamp Mills, and the entire production line utilizes mobileization of dolomite. The crusher has remarkable effects: First, the advantages of the finished product, not only the uniform size of the finished sand and gravel material, but also the adjustment to a certain extent; the second is the operational advantage, the whole production line of the entire dolomite Stamp Mill runs smoothly and the failure rate is low.

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