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How to deal with Sand Filter Machine feed nozzle dusting

In the ore milling industry, there are many models of Sand Filter Machines. Although the results are for grinding, each model may have different conditions during use. However, users do not have to worry, find the right problem for the right medicine. Recently, some users have reported that the Sand Filter Machine he uses often has dusting. What is going on? The following Shibang machines use this as a case for everyone to analyze.

The Sand Filter Machine is a commonly used grinding equipment in the milling production line. In the production operation, the grinding equipment needs to pay attention to the amount of dust, because it has a great impact on the working environment and the health of the operators. Therefore, the Sand Filter Machine produced by Shanghai Shibang Machinery also attaches great importance to the control of dust.

However, in actual production, some Sand Filter Machines used by users not only fail to control the amount of dust, but also have the phenomenon that the feed inlet of the equipment is sprayed outward. What is the cause of the problem of powder blasting at the feed inlet of the equipment?

1. First, check if the two dampers of the Sand Filter Machine are closed. The Sand Filter Machine adopts the circulating air design. Under normal circumstances, the mill should be the inlet port to draw the air inward, the outlet port to the outside, the wind door to close, the air volume can not be circulated, and the feed port is sprayed outward.

2. The cloth bag on the dust box must be kept breathable and beat once. This bag is mainly used for dust removal, cooling, and exhaust.

3. Check the link pipe of the Sand Filter Machine to see if there is any leak. The place where the air leaks on the pipe is to suck in the air. If it is out of the wind, it must be carefully checked.

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