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Sand Building Machine has been powdered

In general, the powder is not qualified, and it is returned to the mill to continue the phenomenon of grinding. The phenomenon of powdering will directly lead to an increase in the amount of fine powder and a decrease in the quality of grinding. The occurrence of over-powder is usually related to the flow rate of the material in the mill and the amount of fine powder, so we will be more targeted when solving the powder phenomenon. The Sand Building Machine often has a powder phenomenon during operation. So, how to deal with the Sand Building Machine when it has been powdered? Let us discuss it together.

1. Strengthen the internal ventilation

Good ventilation can take away the fine powder produced in time, effectively eliminating the buffering effect of fine powder. Good ventilation can also remove the water vapor in the mill in time, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of sticking, and also make the screen hole less likely to block. Strengthening the ventilation inside the mill also helps to reduce the temperature of the Sand Building Machine and greatly increase the output of the mill.

2, mixed with grinding aid

The grinding aid can effectively adsorb on the surface of the material, so that the materials are not easily bonded. The grinding aid can also be adsorbed between the cracks of the material particles, effectively weakening the “healing effect”, speeding up the flow rate of the material in the mill, reducing the residence time of the material in the mill, and effectively reducing the occurrence of the powder phenomenon.

3, the choice of liner

The liner of the Sand Building Machine plays a very important role in the grinding effect. If a new type of liner such as a spiral liner or a grooved liner is used, the occurrence of over-powder can be effectively reduced because of these new liners. The plates have a very good selective grinding effect.

Sand Building Machine is widely used in metallurgy, industry, construction and other industries. The comprehensive utilization value of SBM Sand Building Machine is very high, and has been greatly recognized by users. Users who need it are welcome to visit and order equipment!

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