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Raymond Mill suddenly stops

The Raymond Mill that is running production suddenly stops. What is going on, what can we do to solve this problem? I believe that friends who use Raymond Mills for a long time must be familiar with this problem. Below Shanghai Shibang to solve this problem for you!

1. The shutdown phenomenon caused by the breakage of the spindle when the Raymond Mill is running. When the ore ultra-fine Raymond Mill is working, in order to achieve the fineness or the capacity requirement, the discharge opening is continuously tightened in the production, or Increasing the workload has long caused the main shaft to break, which in turn causes downtime. Therefore, according to the specific work requirements, the machine can be prevented from malfunctioning.

2. The phenomenon of Raymond Mill shutdown caused by jamming of the blockage is mainly due to the too fast feed rate or excessive feed, and the nature of the feed does not meet the demand of the Raymond Mill, so solve this problem. The problem can be started from these three aspects;

3. When the Raymond Mill is produced, the lock will be invalid due to the pressure loss of the hydraulic station, and the adjustment sleeve will rotate with the grinding roller. If this phenomenon cannot be processed in time, the adjustment sleeve will be stuck, which will cause the shutdown phenomenon. In addition, the poor lubrication of the thread of the Raymond Mill can also cause the phenomenon of seizure, so timely inspection in production is very important, and it can prevent the occurrence of malfunction.

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