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How to do the maintenance of the hydraulic system of Gold Stamp Mill

Hydraulic system of Gold Stamp Mill hydraulic machine is an important part of Gold Stamp Mill. It is mainly composed of cylinders, accumulators, hydraulic lines and hydraulic stations. Its main function is to apply sufficient pressure to the grinding roller to cause the material to be pulverized. So, what maintenance work should we do on the hydraulic system of the Gold Stamp Mill cylinder? And see SBM for you.

1. Operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures.

2. Working conditions of each friction surface, including guide rails, guide sleeves, cylinder plungers and piston rods.

3. Each measuring instrument and instrument.

4. Whether the components or pipe joints are fixed or not.

5. External leakage.

6, the tank level.

7. Unusual vibration and noise.

8. Decrease in function, such as speed drop, and pressure or flow drop.

9. Filter contamination (filter blocking the transmitter is only correct when the system is at operating temperature).

10. The inflation pressure of the accumulator.

11. There is no water separation after long-term non-operation.

12. Working oil.

Proper use and maintenance of the Gold Stamp Mill hydraulic system is a guarantee to reduce system failure, prolong the system’s trouble-free use time, safe production, and improve efficiency. Everyone must pay attention to it.

The above is how SBM introduces you how to do the maintenance of the hydraulic system of the Gold Stamp Mill. If you have any questions, please click on the online customer service of SBM!

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