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How can I reduce the production noise of Pellet Mills?


The Pellet Mill is a large-scale powder machine that produces a certain sound as each part is in operation. However, due to the serious environmental pollution, users hope that the grinding equipment can reduce the noise during work, in line with the regulations of the environmental protection department.

However, in production, it is unrealistic to completely eliminate the noise, because the operation of the machine will inevitably cause sound. Therefore, we can only find a way to solve the problem, so that the noise of the Pellet Mill is relatively weak, and does not affect people’s normal activities. We have taken many measures on this issue. However, there should be different solutions for noise pollution caused by different reasons.

Among the major causes of noise pollution, there are several main reasons that require the user to pay attention, because this not only causes noise, but also helps the normal use of the machine. Among them, the angiography caused by excessive vibration should be solved from the following aspects.

First, the operator should check the anchor bolts and tighten the bolts; also check the feed amount and feed size, meet the requirements of the Pellet Mill, and make adjustments in time; then, check the degree of wear of the Pellet Mill blade Serious wear of the blade will result in the inability to produce the material; secondly, the user will also check the grinding roller of the Pellet Mill and the grinding ring for damage. However, when conducting inspections, be sure to ensure safe operation.

When the fan is abnormal, and the noise of the Pellet Mill is too large, it should be adjusted. Then, check whether the anchor bolts of the Pellet Mill fixed fan are loose; check whether the dust on the blades of the Pellet Mill fan is deposited. In this case, the dust can be removed or the blades can be replaced; There are not serious cases of wear and tear, etc., and then find the root cause and solve it.

When the Pellet Mill is abnormal, the user should be good at solving, so that the Pellet Mill can be re-run to provide production for the user.

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