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Causes of Ball Mill blocking

There are many reasons for the Ball Mill blocking, but the common ones can be divided into the working imbalance of the Ball Mill. When the nature of the ore is changed, or the ore is increased or the coarse grain is increased, the return is increased. When the sand ratio is exceeded, the coal plugging problem occurs due to the passing capacity of the Ball Mill itself. Then the problem of coal blocking caused by improper operation. The cinder pulverizer, for example, the improper use of grinding water, directly affects the grinding concentration, while the excessive grinding concentration may cause coal-blocking problems. There is also the unreasonable total amount or ball diameter ratio of the grinding media to cause coal plugging problems.

Its common features are: the main motor current meter of coal gangue Ball Mill indicates that the current is decreasing; the Ball Mill discharges large chunks, the slurry is poured out; the shale crusher classifier overflows & ldquo; runs coarse & rdquo; The amount of sand returned significantly increased; the Ball Mill was dull and could hardly hear the impact of the steel ball.

In the face of the phenomenon of coal plugging in Ball Mills, we must first analyze the changes in the nature of ore, whether the ore, water supply, sand return, and overflow particle size are normal, and find out the reason, & ldquo; the right medicine.

1. Reduce the amount of Ball Mill feeding or stop the coal slime dryer in a short time. This can reduce the working load of the Ball Mill and reduce the amount of mine passed by the Raymond machine.

2, adjust the water consumption grinding concentration: – must be strictly controlled, too large or too small will have a bad impact. When the concentration is too high, the slurry flow rate is slow, and the impact of the grinding medium is weakened. For the overflow type Ball Mill, the size of the ore discharge becomes thicker, while the lattice Ball Mill may appear “inflated belly”. ;phenomenon.

3. Reasonable addition of grinding media If the loading of the medium in Raymond machine is insufficient, the grinding medium of larger size should be properly supplemented.

The above is the analysis of the reasons why the CB Industrial Technology Group introduced you to the phenomenon of blocking the Ball Mill. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at Shibang Industrial Technology Group Co., Ltd.

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