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Metal Mining Crushing Machine structure and overload protection system

After more than 100 years of practice and continuous improvement, the Metal Mining Crushing Machine has been perfected in China since the 1950s. It has been explored and researched in the past 50 years. After nearly 50 years of exploration and research, the design data is more perfect, the design method is more advanced, and the structure is more reasonable. Product performance is even better. Because it has the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation, easy manufacture, convenient maintenance and other other stone crushers, it is still widely used in various industrial sectors, and the crushers produced in China are also exported to all parts of the world. According to incomplete statistics, China currently produces about 10,000 units of various types of jaw crushing per year, but it is still widely used in traditional Metal Mining Crushing Machines. The technical level of products of various manufacturing suppliers is very different, and the products of a few suppliers are close to the world’s advanced level, and the products of most suppliers are very different. In order to shorten the gap and catch up with the world’s advanced level, it is necessary to develop and improve the technical level of the existing Metal Mining Crushing Machine. Now the competition in this industry is fierce. The traditional Metal Mining Crushing Machine can not meet the needs of the market. Some machines are being improved.

The crushing work of the Metal Mining Crushing Machine is carried out between two jaws. One of them is fixed on the frame as a fixed jaw, and the other is mounted on a moving moving body called a movable jaw. The surface is generally Tooth shape. When the moving plate is periodically close to and away from the fixed plate, the crushing and discharging work is completed, and an overload protection system is added to the mechanism to better extend the life of the machine.

Compared with the simple pendulum crusher, the horizontal and horizontal stroke distribution of the Metal Mining Crushing Machine is reasonable, and there is a large vertical stroke, which is beneficial to the downward movement of the material in the crushing chamber, so its production capacity is higher than that of the simple pendulum Metal Mining Crushing Machine. 30%. At the same time, because of the large vertical stroke, the fixed and movable jaws wear quickly, which greatly reduces the service life.

Metal Mining Crushing Machine structure and overload protection system, Metal Mining Crushing Machine is an ancient crusher, but because of its simple structure, safe and reliable work, large range of objects, it is suitable for crushing hard materials, so The machine is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises such as metallurgy, coal, chemical industry, building materials, etc. It is also widely used in cement plants, but its crushing ratio is small, the particle size of the crushed material is not uniform, it is intermittent work, there is idle travel However, it is a good method for coarse and medium crushing of materials, so it is still widely used in industrial and mining enterprises. However, with the development of society, people need to improve the machine in order to reduce the cost and increase the life of the machine. Therefore, increasing the overload protection system is also a way to extend the life of the machine.

Metal Mining Crushing Machine is one of the main equipments for mine production, construction material processing and polymerization chemical production. It is widely used in the production and processing of various metal and non-metal mines, chemical minerals, cement and building materials. In recent years, with the introduction of some new theories in mine production and building materials processing, users hope that the bulk ore can obtain as fine a product with finer grain size and better block size as possible in the crushing stage, as well as production automation and reduce labor costs. In addition, with the emergence of global mineral depletion, under the premise of maintaining or increasing the output of various metal and non-metallic minerals, the amount of raw ore that is required to be treated is greatly increased, which puts higher requirements on crushing equipment and faces greater The challenge. Undoubtedly, the current backward crusher can not undertake the production tasks in the new era, and it is necessary to develop a high-performance, low-energy Metal Mining Crushing Machine so that it can be more competitive.

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