Marble Grinding Mill

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Marble Grinding Mill

The Marble Grinding Mill is a new type of crushing equipment developed by our company’s technology research and development department with more than 20 years of grinding technology level, combined with excellent production technology at home and abroad. It is widely used in the non-metal mining industry. It has stable performance and wide application range. It has a series of advantages such as simple structure, convenient operation, large processing capacity, energy saving and environmental protection, and belongs to high-tech grinding products.

Working principle of Marble Grinding Mill: After the large-sized material is crushed to the required particle size, the material is sent to the storage bin by the hoist, and then the material is evenly and quantitatively fed into the Marble Grinding Mill through the vibrating feeder. The machine is ground in the grinding chamber, and the powder after grinding increases with the airflow of the fan, and is classified by the analysis machine. The fine powder meets the fineness and flows into the powder collector through the pipeline, and is separated and collected, and discharged through the powder discharging valve. It is the finished powder. The airflow is sucked into the centrifugal induced draft fan by the return air duct of the upper end of the dust collector. The whole airflow system of the machine is a vacuum closed loop, which ensures the environmental protection and hygiene at the production site.

Marble Grinding Mill is suitable for barite, bluestone, calcite, potassium feldspar, talc, bauxite, manganese ore, iron ore, copper ore, phosphate rock, marble, limestone, ceramics, glass, etc. Mohs hardness is not more than 7 Grade, humidity non-flammable and explosive, mining, chemical, building materials, metallurgical and other industries more than 280 kinds of materials in the milling process, the finished product size can be adjusted according to production needs.

This machine adopts advanced assembly technology. There is no bolt in the grinding chamber of the main engine, and there is no bearing. It solves the major problem that the traditional mill is damaged due to the bearing entering the dust, and the bolt is loose and the equipment is destroyed. The internal structure advantages of the Marble Grinding Mill host:

1. Compared with the ordinary mill, the diameter of the grinding roller is increased by about 10%, and the diameter of the grinding ring is also increased accordingly.

2. The outer surface of the grinding roller has been refined, which not only improves the grinding efficiency, but also has a long service life. At the same time, our technical research and development personnel fully consider the hidden troubles and deficiencies of the grinding machine in production. The crusher grinding wheel, the material of the grinding ring and the heat treatment process have also been improved accordingly.

3. Appropriately increase the spindle speed (about 10% increase). The mass of the grinding roller increases. After the spindle speed increases, the positive pressure of the grinding increases, and the grinding area increases due to the diameter of the grinding roller. Increased grinding efficiency.

4. According to the change of the structural parameters of the Marble Grinding Mill mainframe, properly strengthen the rigidity and strength of key components of the mainframe (such as large base, central pedestal, blade holder, plum blossom frame and gearbox, etc.), strengthen the cement foundation and improve Damping device and bellows and cover cylinder are grounded for vibration and crack resistance.

Air filter system features of Marble Grinding Mill:

(1) Select a high-pressure, low-flow blower.

(2) Modify the design of the return air box of the main engine to reduce the cross-sectional product of the bellows volute to meet the requirements of small flow and large wind pressure. At the same time, increase the thickness of the return box steel plate to increase rigidity and strength.

(3) The layout of the air supply duct must be short and smooth, and a smooth transition is required.

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