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Assembly points of Marble And Granite Crushing Machine bearings

The Marble And Granite Crushing Machine is mainly composed of three parts: frame, moving jaw and eccentric shaft. The processing and matching dimensions of each component are closely related. In the processing of the crusher, it is required to ensure the tolerance range of the drawings as much as possible, so as to reduce The accumulation error of the processing makes the assembly quality better. The following describes the assembly points of the Marble And Granite Crushing Machine bearing:

1. Strictly control the heating process

Because the bearing needs to use the principle of thermal expansion and contraction to achieve the interference fit during the assembly process, the heating process must be strictly controlled, and the suitable temperature for the bearings of different specifications and sizes should be selected for heating. Shanghai Shibang Marble And Granite Crushing Machine has an outer diameter of 620mm and an inner diameter of 400mm. It is a large-sized bearing. It is often unevenly heated during heating, which causes the assembly quality to drop. Therefore, we choose to adjust the bearing direction 180° reheat the other side to Ensure that the bearing is heated evenly;

2, making a special copper hammer

During the assembly process, a special copper hammer is made to strike the bearing, and the diagonal striking of the bearing is required at the same time to ensure that the bearing enters the eccentric shaft in a balanced manner: in the process of entering the moving eccentric shaft, we require the hammer to hit the moving cymbal. The eccentric shaft is loaded into the moving jaw by the interaction, and the bearing on the eccentric shaft is not damaged;

3, bearing lubrication matters

Use grease oiler to inject grease into the moving boring machine, add grease in the bearing to about 50% of its space volume, replace it every 3~6 months, use clean gasoline or kerosene to clean the roller bearing when changing oil. The raceway makes the bearing lubrication fully uniform, the bearing is well lubricated under heavy load and high temperature, and the service life of the broken bearing is prolonged.

4, the feeding port to do the buffering measures

Before working, the Marble And Granite Crushing Machine should inject a proper amount of grease between the thrust plate and the adjustment seat. After idling for a period of time, check whether the working current and voltage are normal and whether the crusher has abnormal noise, then transport the stone to crush the work. Buffer measures should be taken at the mouth to prevent the large stones from directly impacting the crusher mouth. The large stones exceeding the size of the feed port should be given two times of blasting before being given into the material inlet to extend the service life of the crusher equipment.

In the assembly process of the Marble And Granite Crushing Machine, it must be strictly in accordance with the instructions for use, in order to ensure a great improvement in the quality of the crusher, and the phenomenon of downtime caused by the burnt out of the bearing is reduced, as long as the actual impact on the downtime of the Marble And Granite Crushing Machine is found. The reason, the control and the right medicine during the production and use process, the “stop” phenomenon can be completely controlled or reduced.

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