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Daily maintenance of Portable Jaw Crusher


Portable Jaw Crushers are used in a wide range of applications, but the use of any means will cause some damage. After serious damage, it must be maintained and maintained to maintain its performance.

Portable Jaw Crushers are often used in mining, chemical, smelting, building materials, railways, water conservancy and many other sweats, and these industries are highly consumable industries, not only consume a lot of energy, but also use Portable Jaw Crushers. It is also very damaging, so daily maintenance is a must in the operation. Because maintenance is an important way to extend the life of Portable Jaw Crushers and increase the operating rate of equipment.

In order to make the Portable Jaw Crusher work better, in the routine maintenance of the Portable Jaw Crusher, attention should be paid to the three major contents: regular lubrication, inspection of fixed condition, and timely cleaning of dust. This is a trilogy of Portable Jaw Crusher maintenance and an indispensable part. Moreover, in daily use, it is not necessary to ignore it for the sake of the moment.

First of all, before maintenance, you must first perform a certain inspection, check its fixed condition, and so on. In the course of use, the Portable Jaw Crusher will cause the Portable Jaw Crusher to shake due to the huge crushing force. At this time, the screw or the foundation will be loosened. Therefore, when using the Portable Jaw Crusher, it is necessary to check the fixed condition of the Portable Jaw Crusher in time. Once the screw or foundation is found to be loose, it must be tightened in time to ensure safe production.

Second, the staff must also clean up the dust in a timely manner. Because the working environment of the Portable Jaw Crusher is bad, in the process of use, a lot of dust will be generated. When the dust falls on the Portable Jaw Crusher, it will damage the electrical circuit of the Portable Jaw Crusher and various components. Therefore, the relevant work personnel should promptly clean the dust on the Portable Jaw Crusher. In this way, various damages such as short circuits and rusting of parts are often prevented.

Finally, add lubricants regularly. Lubrication must be added to the maintenance of the crusher. In the main moving parts of the Portable Jaw Crusher, it is necessary to add lubricant in time, especially the moving jaws, bearings, thrust plates, and support pads, etc., which must be kept lubricated frequently. Because, if timely lubrication is obtained, the various parts of the Portable Jaw Crusher will have rapid wear due to the direct contact of the friction surface, which will have a certain impact on the production.

The function of the jaw crushing device is powerful, but it does require lubrication and other maintenance means to ensure the durability of its performance. Therefore, in its use, it must be carefully implemented to ensure its high productivity and high efficiency.

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