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How to reduce the Limestone Grinding Mill electromechanical consumption


The Limestone Grinding Mill is our company’s many years of experience in the production of various mills. It has extensively absorbed the ultrafine grinding theory at home and abroad and designed and developed advanced grinding equipment. It is a professional equipment for ultra-fine powder industry which completes ultra-fine powder grinding, grading and conveying in one time. It can be widely used in chemical, metallurgical and non-metallic mineral industries. It can be used to grind the Mohs hardness below 5, the density below 3.2, the compressive strength below 150Mpa, the non-flammable and explosive minerals, the non-corrosive brittle material granular and powdery materials (325~2500 mesh). ) Ultrafine powder. Generally used for the following materials: calcium carbonate, calcite, barium sulfate, talc, wollastonite, pyrophyllite, dolomite, graphite, kaolin, limestone and the like.

The main technical measures and effects of reducing power consumption and improving the quality of Limestone Grinding Mills:

1. The width of the belt weigher is changed from 1.2m to 1.6m. The width of the blank opening of the clay silo is expanded from 1.0m to 1.4m. At the same time, the material change signal switch is installed on the belt scale, and the small chamber is added with 2 electric vibration machines. When the belt scale is broken, the induction switch gives the electro-vibrator a start signal, and the electro-vibration machine starts to clean the material, greatly reducing the phenomenon of material breakage. The passing rate of KH has been greatly improved, from 30% to 40% to about 70%.

2. Process the sealing ring of the powder separator. Extend the inside of the upper seal ring. The length is 30mm, the speed of the powder separator is reduced to 1200rpm, the raw material 0.2mm sieve is reduced to 2%~3%; the second time is 30mm longer, the speed of the powder separator is reduced to 1050rpm, and the raw material 0.2mm sieve is reduced to 1 %~2%.

3. Adjust static blade clearance and connection fixation. According to the wind speed control between the static blades of the classifier is about 18m/s, it is determined that the static blade clearance should be 40mm, the static blade clearance of the classifier is uniformly adjusted, and all the static blades are welded and strengthened with steel files to prevent displacement.

4. By increasing the loading pressure of the Limestone Grinding Mill, reducing the particle size of the grinding limestone, reducing the height of the retaining ring and increasing the output of the Limestone Grinding Mill. The loading pressure is increased from 8.0MPa to 9.0MPa; the grain size of the inlaid limestone is reduced from 80mm to 70mm, and then reduced from 70m to 60mm; the height of the retaining ring is first reduced from 110mm to 90mm, then from 90mm to 80mm, and then from 80mm. By 70mm, the corresponding current is reduced from 130A to 110A, from 110A to 100A, and from 100A to 90A. The output of the Limestone Grinding Mill has been greatly improved.

5. The hot air pipe of the Limestone Grinding Mill was reformed. Two pipes were added in parallel on the basis of the original hot air pipe. The resistance to the grinding was significantly reduced, the negative pressure dropped to -1000 Pa, and the grinding temperature increased by 10 °C.

SBM Limestone Grinding Mill technical advantages:

a, the principle of material layer grinding, the product has high whiteness and clarity

The Limestone Grinding Mill adopts the Limestone Grinding Mill material layer grinding principle, and the material has a short residence time in the mill, which reduces repeated grinding. The product contains very little iron and is used to whiten or clear materials with high whiteness and clarity. The specially designed roll sleeve and liner grinding curve makes it easier to form a powder layer.

b, the grinding roller is separately lubricated, and the double pump supplies oil.

The Limestone Grinding Mill is lubricated by a separate lubrication station, and the single grinding roller circuit uses a double pump. The pumping mode works simultaneously, so that the grinding roller bearing is fully lubricated and cooled, and the grinding roller bearing chamber is not guaranteed. Excessive oil deposits, resulting in leakage.

c, Germany Alpine powder selection technology, can achieve the required fineness at one time

The Limestone Grinding Mill adopts the principle of German Alpine multi-head sorting machine. Each rotor can be frequency-adjusted and regulated. The fineness of the finished grinding products can be realized within the selected range, without the need of secondary air separation and classification. presence. The finished product has a particle size of less than 2μ m has a high content of particles, a high level of up to 70%, and a low residue of 325 meshes, and is also suitable for secondary separation of finer-grained finished products.

b, automatic control, frequency control, energy saving and efficient

The grinding pressure control method is automatically controlled by PLC/DCS, and the grinding pressure is precisely controlled without manual operation. The host PLC electronic control system performs orderly coordination and command work on the electrical components within the host range. The main engine speed adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, which saves energy consumption by 30% to 50% compared with any other type of grinding machine, and has economic benefits.

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