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Underground Mining Equipment pinion installation

The gears of the Underground Mining Equipment are divided into large and small gears, and the installation of the gears of different sizes is different, but it is very important, especially the pinion is directly related to the operation of the equipment. The following is an introduction to the installation of the Underground Mining Equipment pinion.

First, use two ropes on the optical axis on both sides of the Underground Mining Equipment pinion, taking care not to add any protective material, which is convenient for the shaft to roll in the rope buckle. Adjust the chain hoist to lift the pinion and close to the large gear to make the gears of the large and small gears close, then slowly rotate the large ring gear and push the pinion to the large ring gear to make the large and small gears engage. After the bearing is seated on the bottom plate, the bolt holes are aligned and the axial position of the pinion gear is adjusted so that the large and small gears are aligned on the tooth width. Screw on the connecting bolts, then open the bearing upper cover and check the position of the pinion shaft.

Note that if the position is suitable, add 3/4 weeks of ring gasket at the fixed end, the end surface of the floating end bearing and the end surface of the bearing seat should be the same on both sides. If the position does not correspond to re-adjust the axial position of the pinion. If the long hole of the connecting bolt of the bearing housing cannot be adjusted, the anchor bolt can be loosened to move the main bottom plate and the pinion assembly together. And use the large and small gear pitch circle to leave the distance of 1.58mm to control the tip clearance.

The measuring method of the mobile gear reducer pinion is made by rotating the pinion gear to make the meshing side tooth surface contact, and using the feeler gauge to check the gap between the non-engagement side large gear tooth surface. If the left and right sides are inconsistent, adjust the gap between the bearing housing and the bottom plate to make it basically the same. This measurement is performed every 90° according to the circumference of the large ring gear. Note that the midpoint should be the larger point of the large ring gear radial runout.

After the installation of the Underground Mining Equipment pinion, the tooth surface contact area should be inspected after the tooth side clearance is adjusted. After ensuring that the pinion is installed accurately, install the other parts of the Underground Mining Equipment.

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