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Jaw Crusher maintenance

At present, China’s jaw crusher industry has been developing for more than 50 years. Some equipments and models can be said to have reached a level of equal strength compared with foreign advanced products and technologies. But there are still many people who don’t understand the use and maintenance of Jaw Crushers. Let’s take a look at some of the common knowledge about Jaw Crushers.

Bearing installation and maintenance cleaning process for Jaw Crusher:

1. Pay attention to the order before and after assembly.

2, the installation of the partition, the end plate, the order before and after the spacer.

3. Always pay attention to measuring the assembly size. When assembling one or two parts, measure it to see if the size is accurate. If an error occurs, it can be processed in time, otherwise it will cause relatively large rework. If there are factories, all the components on the shaft are installed. When installing on the rack, it is found that from the end plate to the centrifugal fan blade, due to the accumulation error of the components is too large, it is put into the casing. Got it, I have to go down and install it separately.

Regarding the cleaning of the Jaw Crusher bearing, it is necessary to select an appropriate installation method according to the specific conditions of the crusher. If the surplus is not large, it can be assembled by hammering. The heating method is relatively simple and convenient to operate. Generally, the specific method is to place the bearing in the oil. Do not place the bearing directly on the bottom surface of the container. The oil is slowly heated, and it is quickly installed after being taken out, and does not stay.

Abnormality and analysis of Jaw Crusher

First, the Jaw Crusher produces abnormal vibration. The rod mill type Jaw Crusher may cause abnormal vibration due to excessive wear of the transmission bearing, incomplete or severe gear meshing, loose connection of the anchor bolts or large gear connecting bolts, etc., and gear gap adjustment and replacement wear are required. Bearing or gear parts and retighten the loose bolts on the feet to ensure the stability of the equipment.

Second, the motor power supply of the Jaw Crusher is unstable. Poor lubricity of the main bearing of the equipment, reduced flexibility, loose feeder, high concentration of discharge, severe wear of the gear and horizontal cylinder liner, or motor circuit failure of the equipment may cause motor power of the rod mill Jaw Crusher If it is unstable, it is necessary to add lubricating oil to the rotating bearing in time, adjust and replace the worn gear and lining device, and repair the motor circuit to eliminate equipment failure.

Daily maintenance of Jaw Crushers

1. Regularly stop the observation door and observe the internal wear of the Jaw Crusher. The wear degree of the center feeding pipe, cone cap, impeller upper and lower runner lining, circumferential guard plate and wear block should be replaced or repaired after wear. When replacing the wear block, replace it at the same time to ensure the same weight of the wear block. It is forbidden to open the observation door during the working process of the crusher to observe the internal working conditions to avoid danger. It was found that the impeller body wear was replaced in time to find a manufacturer to repair. It is important to note that it is strictly forbidden to make the impeller yourself without the manufacturer’s consent.

2. The tension of the transmission triangle tape should be adjusted appropriately to ensure the uniform force of the triangular tape. When the double motor is driven, the triangular tapes on both sides should be selected in groups, so that the length of each group is as uniform as possible. Should be adjusted so that the difference between the two motor currents does not exceed 15A.

At the same time, domestic large Jaw Crusher suppliers are also further reducing production costs, management costs, and improving production efficiency, so that artificial sand equipment Jaw Crushers, including artificial sand production lines, can achieve high quality and better prices, and further improve In the domestic and international market competitiveness, together to open up the increasingly fierce domestic market.

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