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Analysis of the causes of broken teeth of Iron Ore Mining Equipment

In the use of the Iron Ore Mining Equipment, the broken teeth are also common, but such problems still occur frequently when the gears are updated on the equipment. So what is the cause? In this paper, a detailed analysis is made. The following is the analysis of the causes of the broken teeth of the Iron Ore Mining Equipment.

There are two kinds of broken teeth of the Iron Ore Mining Equipment, one is bending fatigue fracture; the other is overload breaking. The main causes of fatigue fracture are: excessive overload of the transmission system; too small radius of the root of the root; excessive roughness of the root surface; root strain of the root during rolling; defects in the material, heat treatment Cracks and other harmful residual stresses.

When the alternating stress at the root exceeds the fatigue limit of the material, the fatigue crack occurs at the root of the root, and the crack expands continuously, eventually causing the bending fatigue of the tooth to break. The overload fracture is usually caused by the short-time severe overload impact load, which makes the gear tooth bearing force exceed its ultimate stress. Serious load concentration, excessive dynamic load and large hard foreign matter entering the gear teeth can cause the overload of the Iron Ore Mining Equipment gear.

Under certain circumstances, it will also affect the main auxiliary oil pump switching problem of the Iron Ore Mining Equipment. When the unit is turned on, when the turbine speed reaches 80% of the rated speed, the main oil pump starts to work. At this time, the high-pressure auxiliary oil pump should be deactivated. However, due to the operation and other reasons, the main oil pump cannot be produced in time, and the oil system loses pressure. Then, the quick closing valve is closed, and if the processing is not timely, the bearing bush can be burnt. As a result, the broken teeth of the Iron Ore Mining Equipment are broken.

The fatigue fracture of the gear teeth is gradually generated under the long-term effect of the alternating stress. Since the number of pinion gears is small, the number of stress cycles is relatively large, and the fatigue fracture is also the same operation mode. Therefore, in daily use, the inspection and maintenance of the gears of the Iron Ore Mining Equipment should be strengthened to prevent the occurrence of gear breakage.

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