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Iron Ore Crushing Machine thin oil lubrication system

To ensure that the Iron Ore Crushing Machine works efficiently, each component needs to operate reasonably. In this case, the lubrication work plays an important role in helping the crusher achieve efficient production. Therefore, it is very important to do the lubrication work. How to carry out its lubrication work? Let’s take a look at it.

First of all, in the working process of the Iron Ore Crushing Machine, the lubrication work of each friction surface should be done to ensure the long-term normal operation of the Iron Ore Crushing Machine. Therefore, the operator must pay special attention when lubricating, otherwise it is easy to cause an accident. For the lubrication of the moving jaw bearing and thrust plate of the compound pendulum crusher and the support pad, it is generally lubricated with dry oil. In the winter, if there is solidification, you can add 20% of automotive lubricants for lubrication. However, it must be noted that the lubrication must be comprehensive and uniform. The lubricant in the rolling bearing housing should also not exceed 50% of its volume. According to the specific operation, the oil is filled once every 1-2 days, and the lubricating oil is changed once every quarter. At the same time, thoroughly check the bearings after cleaning.

The thin oil lubrication system we use is generally composed of oil pump, oil pipe, oil pressure regulating valve, filter cooler, fuel tank, instrument indicating device and so on. If the oil pressure is too high or the oil flow rate is too large, it can be adjusted by the oil pressure adjustment valve. During the normal lubrication process, the oil flow rate must be appropriate. The return oil temperature of the thin oil lubrication system should not be higher than 600 degrees, and the normal temperature in the fuel tank should be controlled at 35-50 °C. When the oil temperature is too high, water cooling measures should be taken, and the water pressure should be lower than the oil pressure of 0.5 atm. The filter should be cleaned when the pressure difference between the oil filter before and after the pressure exceeds 0.40 atmosphere. Lubricating oil should be replaced every 3-6 months under normal operating conditions, and the fuel tank and other related lubricating parts should be thoroughly cleaned to ensure the oil quality of the entire lubrication system is clean.

However, lubrication is only one aspect of the Iron Ore Crushing Machine. Under normal operating conditions, we must ensure that the bearing temperature rise does not exceed 35 ° C, and the high temperature does not exceed 70 ° C. After that, if it is blocked by the material of the crushing chamber during use, the motor should be turned off immediately, the material is first removed from the crushing chamber, and then restarted.

It can be seen that the lubrication work plays an important role in the Iron Ore Crushing Machine, so in the daily use process, we must do a good job of lubricating it to avoid damage to the crusher.

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