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Impact Crusher use

Yesterday, Mr. Jiang of Shandong consulted the equipment of the stone production line by telephone. He consulted many crusher suppliers and recommended Impact Crushers, but why use Impact Crushers? What is the working principle of the Impact Crusher? What are the advantages compared with other crusher equipment? To this end, Xiaobian sorts these issues as follows to help more users like Mr. Jiang who are not very familiar with the equipment. Select a device.

In fact, in the industrial production sectors such as mining, building materials, and infrastructure, Impact Crushers are mainly used for coarse and medium crushing. According to the width dimension of the inlet, it can be divided into three types: large, medium and small. The width of the inlet of the main machine is more than 600mm, and the width of the inlet of the medium machine is between 300-600mm, and the inlet of the minicomputer. The width is smaller than 300mm.

The structure of the Impact Crusher is very simple. The crushing work is mainly done by two jaws of the Impact Crusher jaw plate. One fixed jaw plate is fixed, and the vertical or upper end is slightly tilted to the front wall of the body, and another piece is The movable jaw is moving and the position is slightly inclined, forming a fixed-size working area with the fixed jaw. The two jaws do a relative cyclic reciprocating motion, sometimes separated, and sometimes close together. When the jaws are separated, the material enters the crushing chamber, and the finished product after the crushing work is completed by the Impact Crusher bearing can be discharged from the lower part; when the jaw is close, the material between the two jaws will be subjected to the Impact Crusher teeth. The force of the plate is squeezed, bent and split, resulting in breakage.

In addition, according to the different swinging modes of the movable jaws, the Impact Crusher can be divided into three types: a simple swing type Impact Crusher, a complex swing type Impact Crusher, and a comprehensive swing type Impact Crusher. The Impact Crusher accessories are composed of two brackets and a single bracket. When the double brackets are in operation, the moving jaws only have a simple arc swing, so this model is also called a simple swing Impact Crusher; The single toggle plate is also moved up and down while making an arc swing, so it is also called a complex swing Impact Crusher.

It is worth mentioning that the Impact Crusher has very high requirements on the tooth plate, and whether the Impact Crusher can maintain good performance, the important factor is the quality guarantee that the Impact Crusher accessories must have. At present, there are many domestic Impact Crusher manufacturing suppliers. There are only a thousand suppliers in Zhengzhou, Henan. In addition, Shanghai and Shandong are also gathering places for crusher suppliers, but their technical level is very different, and the quality of products is uneven. If you want a more comprehensive understanding of Impact Crushers, please contact us directly.

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