Hydraulic Cone Crusher In Stone Production Line

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Hydraulic Cone Crusher flywheel failure

The Hydraulic Cone Crusher is not working properly for crushing operations, but the observation equipment has found that its flywheel components continue to rotate. What is the reason? The main reason is that the eccentric shaft rod device of the Hydraulic Cone Crusher is damaged, causing the bracket and the bracket to lose support. After the spring of the rod is broken, the bracket is slid out from the support block of the rod, and the elbow of the Hydraulic Cone Crusher is large due to the working load. The plate is broken, the discharge granularity cannot be adjusted, and the Hydraulic Cone Crusher main engine is stopped. Solution: Check the operation of the various components related to the bracket and adjust it in time. When the bracket fails, replace it with a new one and install it.

When the flywheel fails, the flywheel rotates, but the eccentric shaft cannot run or the running speed is slow, and the crusher cannot perform the crushing work. The possible reason is that the connecting keys of the pulley and the flywheel are loose or broken, and there is no connection. The pulley and the flywheel cannot be synchronized, and the flywheel and the eccentric shaft cannot be synchronized, and the flywheel drives the eccentric shaft to fail. Solution: Check the flywheel connection button and find that the loose or damaged should be repaired in time to ensure that the minute wheel and the eccentric shaft can run synchronously, and the equipment can operate normally for crushing.

The Hydraulic Cone Crusher is a broken machine that works intermittently, so its energy load is not balanced. The flywheel of the Hydraulic Cone Crusher is equipped with a flywheel device at one end. The flywheel has a good static balance in the Hydraulic Cone Crusher. The energy storage conversion flywheel runs to drive the eccentric shaft to operate, but the flywheel also has some problems, or the equipment parts related to the flywheel cannot operate normally. What is the reason, how to solve it ingeniously to avoid harm and reduce the equipment Production output.

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