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Hammer Mill operation

Hammer Mill is widely used in raw material grinding and cement grinding of cement enterprises. With the development of slag micropowder technology in recent years, slag ultrafine powder is increasingly used in cement and concrete. The Hammer Mill is a device for grinding ultra-fine powder of slag. In the actual operation, there are many operating points that need attention, as described below.

1. Stabilized bed

The stable bed is the basis for the grinding of the Hammer Mill bed, the key to normal operation. When the bed is unstable, the wet slag that is ground into the mill is extruded in a large amount and cannot be ground. The thickness of the layer can be adjusted by adjusting the height of the retaining ring. The appropriate height and their correspondence to the production of Hammer Mills should be first identified during the commissioning phase. Under normal operation, the thickness of the Hammer Mill after compaction by the grinding roller should not be less than 25~40mm. And the grinding and feeding should adopt the operation mode with less wind and small rolling pressure to flatten the material bed to make the Hammer Mill run stably.

2, control the grinding pressure

Grinding pressure is the main factor affecting the output of the Hammer Mill, the grinding efficiency and the power of the Hammer Mill. In the trial production to find the appropriate grinding pressure and negative pressure, reasonable wind speed, air volume can form a good internal circulation, so that the material layer on the grinding disc is appropriate, stable, high grinding efficiency. When the material entering the mill is unstable or other abnormal conditions, the grinding pressure should be appropriately reduced to ensure that the Hammer Mill operates within the normal vibration range.

3. Suitable inlet and outlet grinding temperature

The Hammer Mill is a system of drying, grinding and powder selection. The temperature of the grinding is a comprehensive indicator to measure whether the drying operation is normal. In order to ensure good slag drying, the moisture content of the milled material should be less than 0.8%, and the outlet temperature of the Hammer Mill is generally controlled to be about 100%. It is required that the hot blast stove should have sufficient heating capacity and adapt to the influence of different suction negative pressure on the hot blast furnace.

4. Control reasonable air volume and wind speed

The Hammer Mill mainly relies on airflow to carry animal material circulation. Reasonable air volume can form a good internal circulation, so that the material layer on the grinding disc is proper and stable, and the grinding efficiency is high. The pressure difference of the Hammer Mill, the pressure difference of the dust collector, and the amount of circulating return can all reflect the amount of air flow. The pressure difference indicates that the air volume is large; otherwise, the air volume is small. The stability of these parameters indicates the stability of the air volume, thus ensuring the stability of the bed. In addition, the differential pressure is an important parameter that reflects the internal resistance of the Hammer Mill. The pressure difference is large and the resistance is small, and vice versa.

5. Control the specific surface area of ​​the slag ultrafine powder

The specific surface area of ​​the slag ultrafine powder is affected by the speed of the powder separator, the system air volume, the internal load of the mill, the operating pressure, and the amount of feed. In the case that the air volume and the operating pressure and the feeding amount are constant, the fineness can be adjusted by manually changing the speed of the classifier, and the adjustment is increased or decreased by 4 r/min each time. If the load of the Hammer Mill and the classifier is increased, the increase of the specific surface area can also be achieved by increasing the operating pressure, reducing the amount of feed or reducing the amount of air. The four can be adjusted according to the actual grinding conditions.

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