Gyratory Crusher Mainshaft Spare Parts

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Introduction to Gyratory Crusher

The application of Gyratory Crusher is very extensive, and it has unlimited limits in many industries such as roads, bridges and mines. At present, in the process of steady growth of the domestic market, the international market is also eager to move. The working part of the Gyratory Crusher is two slabs, one is a fixed slab (fixed squat), the vertical (or the upper end is slightly inclined) fixed on the front wall of the body, and the other is the movable raft (moving raft), position Tilting, forming a large and small crushing cavity (working cavity) with the fixed jaw. The movable jaws periodically reciprocate against the fixed jaws, sometimes separated and sometimes close. When separated, the material enters the crushing chamber, and the finished product is discharged from the lower portion; when it is close, the material between the two jaws is crushed by bending, bending and splitting. On the basis of the transformation of the crusher, Shanghai Jianye Heavy Industry has developed a large-scale Gyratory Crusher based on the actual situation. At the same time, based on the original organic type, based on the increase of production, the machine’s ability to use is expanded in all directions. The company has accumulated more than 20 years of experience in crusher equipment. We believe that mature technology and a solid economic foundation are your guarantee of success.

Gyratory Crusher advantages and features

This model fully reflects the current advanced design ideas. Its short brackets, low suspension, large swing angle and other technical applications have the characteristics of large processing capacity, simple operation, convenient maintenance and long service life. The high-quality steel plate welded and heat-treated sturdy frame is well received by domestic and foreign customers. ! This series of Gyratory Crushers are used for rough crushing of various crushing materials with a pressure not exceeding 320 MPa. It has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, uniform product size, firm structure, stable operation, convenient maintenance and low operating cost. Has been widely used in mining, construction, smelting, roads, railways, water conservancy and other departments.

Basic requirements for Gyratory Crusher installation

SBM has a history of producing Gyratory Crushers. Since the Gyratory Crusher has a large amount of vibration during operation, the machine should be installed on the basis of the reinforced concrete structure. The weight of the foundation can be roughly regarded as the weight of the machine. 10 times, the depth of the foundation is greater than the depth of the frozen land. The size provided by the foundation map is the relative position of the host and the motor anchor bolts and other related parameters, not as a construction drawing. A reserved hole must be reserved at the installation anchor bolt as the basis for secondary grouting. The height and size of the lower chute are determined on site according to the way the lower part is discharged.

In order to reduce the vibration, when installing the Gyratory Crusher, the rubber tape of not less than 10 mm thick should be used as the cushioning material in the intermediate between the crusher and the concrete foundation. After the cement to be grouted twice is firm, the anchor bolts are tightened. In these processes, the level of the machine must be measured with a spirit level. The deviation of the level is controlled below 2 mm in the width of the front wall of the frame. The inspection of the horizontal level of the frame is especially important to ensure that the position of the inlet is not fixed. Due to the skew, the crusher can be unilaterally fed during operation to avoid damage to the equipment due to uneven load.

In addition to checking the distance from the main unit when installing the motor, check that the motor pulley corresponds to the center of the main sheave to ensure that all V-belts work effectively and consistently. The size of the discharge opening should be adjusted according to the granularity and processing capacity of the required product. When adjusting the discharge opening, the tension spring should be loosened first. After adjustment, adjust the expansion degree of the spring to prevent the bracket. Drop off during work and adjust the parts.

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