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Limestone Grinding Mill maintenance

SBM introduces how to maintain and maintain the Limestone Grinding Mill?

(1) Inspection:

Regular inspection of the entire vertical mill can avoid unplanned downtime caused by improper maintenance. Through regular inspection, the wearing parts can be replaced in time to ensure the operation rate of the equipment.

(2) Normal inspection

1 day inspection: inspection of the overall Limestone Grinding Mill

1. Observe whether there is abnormal noise and vibration, check whether the anchor bolts are loose, whether the oil level of the mill and the reducer is within the normal range;

2. Check whether the mill is working properly, whether the oil pressure and oil temperature are within the specified range, and whether the cooling water is unblocked;

3. It is also necessary to check the lubrication points of the moving parts of the Limestone Grinding Mill separator, lock air feeder and other equipment daily, and refuel according to the established lubrication system;

4. Check if the anchor bolts and coupling bolts of all major equipment are loose;

2 weeks check:

1. Check the seal of the vertical grinding hydraulic rod and the oil level of the oil station of the hydraulic station;

2. Check all seals, if necessary, adjust and replace the rubber plate of the lock air feeder, stop the grinding, observe the wear of the roller sleeve and the liner, and use it if necessary;

3. Check the separator blade wear.

3 After the long-term shutdown, the key inspections: Some inspection items are the same as the weekly inspections, and the following items are checked:

1. Check the wear and lubrication of the three grinding rollers of the Limestone Grinding Mill;

2. Check the solid condition of the wear parts on the grinding disc;

3. Check the wear of the grinding roller, the grinding disc, the lining plate, the wind ring, and other parts of the mill;

4. Check if the hydraulic cylinder leaks oil and replace the seal if necessary;

5. Check the wear level of the mill outlet pipe;

6. Check the degree of wear of the lock air feeder, replace the sealing rubber sheet if necessary, and repair the wear parts;

7. Inspect all inlet doors, access doors and flange seals and try to replace them if necessary.

The above is the method that SBM introduces to the maintenance and maintenance of Limestone Grinding Mill. Our factory produces high quality Limestone Grinding Mill. We welcome customers to come and buy!

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