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How to judge the quality of Gold Trommel


The Gold Trommel is mainly used for milling and ultra-fine grinding. Compared with other super-grinding equipment, the Gold Trommel is a long-established, large-volume, high-consumption grinding equipment because it is The first grinding of raw materials, so his loss will be very large, then, what kind of Gold Trommel is good quality, durable. Let me introduce you below.

The Gold Trommel realizes the grinding by the back and forth movement of the grinding roller, so that the distance between the grinding roller and the grinding ring is constantly changed. It can be seen that the wear is faster on the grinding roller and the grinding ring throughout the whole process. The pad, while the roller is constantly moving, is the connecting rod, the eccentric shaft, the spring, so we mainly look at several accessories when we choose.

1. Liner of vertical mill: It is necessary to choose a long life. This is mainly to look at the raw materials of the Gold Trommel liner, so ask the material of the liner when purchasing.

2. Eccentric shaft: When the eccentric shaft rotates frequently, friction will be generated. However, as long as the quality and quantity of the lubricating oil are ensured, his wear is relatively small, and the eccentric shaft will be subjected to a large torsion force in addition to friction. , so the eccentric shaft should have sufficient strength and rigidity;

3. Connecting rod: In the process of grinding the material of the Gold Trommel, he directly gives the grinding roller strength, but its force is not large, but the frame connecting the grinding ring is subjected to a large force, so The material used in the rack requires sufficient strength and hardness.

Another important factor to consider is the adjustment range of the discharge opening. Try to adjust the range as much as possible to meet our various requirements for the discharge size.

Compared with other milling equipment, the structure of the Gold Trommel is relatively simple, and the working principle is very simple. Therefore, we don’t have to worry about too many problems when purchasing. We only need to pay attention to the above problems, if you have other problems. , can consult our online customer service.

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