Effects Of Pulverizer Carbon Black

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Feldspar Carbon Black Pulverizer


The feldspar Carbon Black Pulverizer specializes in grinding feldspar powder. For the feldspar ore with different characteristics, it can be pre-selected for scrapping, coarse crushing, fine grinding and other grinding methods. The processed feldspar has high grade and wide application. The feldspar Carbon Black Pulverizer can run continuously for 24 hours, with a large amount of processing, stable operation and durability.

First, feldspar knowledge

The feldspar is divided into albite, potassium feldspar, anorthite, medium feldspar, and longer stone according to the specific composition. The surface will appear white, yellow, pink, gray, etc. due to different forming conditions. Color, feldspar has a very high application value. The processed feldspar can be widely used in ceramics, glass, enamel, abrasives and other industries. Due to the complicated formation conditions, naturally-grown feldspar will contain different impurities, so In order to obtain a finished product of higher purity feldspar, it is necessary to carry out beneficiation and purification.

Second, the introduction of Changshi Carbon Black Pulverizer

1, the principle

The feldspar Carbon Black Pulverizer uses the continuous impact and grinding of the steel ball to grind the feldspar into a powder. The feldspar Carbon Black Pulverizer is a cylinder, horizontal and rotating structure. When the cylinder rotates under the drive, the inner steel ball and feldspar mine are continuously lifted, rolled and fallen under the force of gravity and friction. In this process, the feldspar is broken by the different impacts, grinding, and extrusion of the steel ball. Repeatedly, the batch processing needs are completed.

2, model

The commonly used types of feldspar Carbon Black Pulverizers are 1.2 meters by 2.4 meters, 1.5 meters by 4.5 meters, 2.1 meters by 4.5 meters, 3.6 meters by 4.5 meters, and the feed size should be controlled below 25mm. It can handle feldspar mines of 1.5-4.8t, 3-6t, 8-43t and more than 100 tons respectively.

3, performance characteristics

Environmental protection, energy saving, large processing capacity, less maintenance and repair, using displacement gears, thick hollow shafts, high-quality wear-resistant linings, the machine is more durable, easy to lubricate and reliable.

Third, What are the feldspar mineral processing equipment?

In addition to the Changshi Carbon Black Pulverizer, the feldspar magnetic separator, flotation machine, classifier, dryer and other equipment are also needed in the purification process of the feldspar ore. The feldspar beneficiation equipment constitutes feldspar beneficiation. The process can carry out high standard and precise purification processing for the characteristics of different feldspar mines, which can greatly enhance the application value of feldspar. At present, feldspar beneficiation equipment has a very high level of automation and environmental protection, which can bring users Higher production yields.

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