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Dolomite Grinding Mill operation details


Dolomite Grinding Mills, such mechanical equipment in the process of use, there will always be more or less, or large or small problems, so that users occasionally have a headache. Immediately enter the hot summer time, SBM will solve the problem of how to carry out the full grinding work of the Dolomite Grinding Mill:

Regardless of whether you have invested or are investing in a pre-investment, you know a complete Dolomite Grinding Mill production line, and its reasonable configuration will generate a strong force. When performing the grinding work, it must be based on certain Grinding ratio is carried out, among which, the amount of material, the amount of power adjustment, and the amount of fineness output will have no small impact. So, do you know what kind of ratio should be used to make the Dolomite Grinding Mill play a higher level when it is working?

The increase in the feed of the Dolomite Grinding Mill and the processing of the grinding chamber have a great influence on the working efficiency. Before we did, we paid close attention to the load of Dolomite Grinding Mills, neither too much nor too little. If the feed amount is too small, the output value will be reduced accordingly, and the production value will not go up; if the feed amount is too much, the remaining space in the cylinder is small, the impact of the grinding body is reduced, and the equipment is prone to small defects.

Secondly, in the grinding process of the Dolomite Grinding Mill, we also need to make an appropriate proportion of the power problem. The ratio of production power to mill operation should be appropriate. If the power is too small, the dispersion of the material is poor, and the resistance to the movement of the abrasive body is increased, and the grinding effect is not achieved. Conversely, the power is too small, indirectly increasing the direct impact between the abrasive bodies, thus losing energy and increasing the wear of the abrasive bodies. Therefore, in order to pass the material of the Dolomite Grinding Mill, we generally carry out the scale strictly. Moreover, it must be carried out in strict proportions, which not only improves the work efficiency, but also ensures that the mill is not subject to excessive wear.

At the same time, here is a “black horse” & mdash; — high quality liner in the Dolomite Grinding Mill configuration. Liner is a safety factor that can improve the operation of the mill. In the process of grinding, the Dolomite Grinding Mill is inevitably mixed with hard materials. If the hardness of the material is too large, it is a hazard to the mill itself. At the time, it will have an impact on the wear life of the mill itself.

Therefore, in order to protect the Dolomite Grinding Mill, we must improve the quality of the liner by experiment and improve the safety factor. Why install a liner? In fact, the reason is very simple. Because the thickness of the lining plate is combined with the Dolomite Grinding Mill, it can effectively avoid the harm of the relatively hard material to the Dolomite Grinding Mill, and also to ensure the production life. With the lining, you don’t have to worry about it. And use it as much as possible.

How to carry out the full grinding work of the Dolomite Grinding Mill, according to the actual production of the user, try to complete the high requirements for the grinding operation. But remember not to mess up, in order to effectively achieve the full grinding work, we must do our best, not only can start from the above points, but also consult the supply supplier to solve. SBM is happy to solve your problem online, you are welcome to consult at any time.

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