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Diamond Stone Jaw Crusher operation


Diamond Stone Jaw Crushers are now widely used in the medium and fine crushing of high-hard and extra-hard materials such as ore, cement, refractory materials, bauxite clinker, corundum, glass raw materials, so we must understand the correct now. The operation, the following for everyone to explain:

First, start and stop

1. The Diamond Stone Jaw Crusher should be equipped with a suitable starter according to the motor model, which is started by the starter.

2. The Diamond Stone Jaw Crusher should drive and stop in sequence.

3. The Diamond Stone Jaw Crusher should be started at no load, and it can be fed after the operation is stable. Be uniform when feeding, and do not overload.

4. Stop feeding before stopping, and all materials in standby can be stopped after stopping.

Second, feeding

1. The incoming materials should meet the technical requirements of the Diamond Stone Jaw Crusher. The particle size should not exceed the specified range. The water content is related to the physical properties of the materials. It should not be greater than 15% to avoid blocking the inlet and the phenomenon of the paste.

2, the feed should be uniform to improve the crushing effect and improve working conditions.

3. Metal materials are strictly prohibited from entering the Diamond Stone Jaw Crusher to prevent damage to bearings and other components.

Third, the discharge

1. The discharge port of the Diamond Stone Jaw Crusher should be ensured to be smooth, so as to avoid accidents caused by equipment overload due to poor discharge.

2. The discharge condition should be checked regularly. If the discharge particle size does not meet the specified discharge particle size, the wear of the hammer head and the liner and the tension of the V belt should be checked. If the problem is found, the worn parts should be replaced and the V adjusted. The tension of the belt.

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