Crushing Equipment For Gold Mining

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Gold Crushing Machine advantages

In the new era of high-tech, the production technology requirements for Gold Crushing Machines are getting higher and higher. Therefore, Gold Crushing Machines are strong, comprehensive high-yield and environmental protection, and higher standards to meet the needs of users. Various industrial sectors such as building materials and construction are widely used and are one of the hot products of suppliers.

The Gold Crushing Machine is an advanced crushing equipment that introduces domestic innovation, high-tech level and integrates the traditional crusher essence design. This strong attack is highly recognized by users and is widely used in pebbles, limestone, granite, marble and dolomite. , crushing and processing of iron ore, molybdenum ore, slag and other materials.

The Gold Crushing Machine is highly productive and efficient, and the discharge particle size adjustment range is large.

The common models of Gold Crushing Machines are PEW145 and PEW160 series, with an output of 1000 tons per hour. This is high-yield and high-efficiency, which can fully meet the requirements of large-scale suppliers. At the same time, the equipment has a wide range of discharge adjustment and can be flexible between 125mm and 275mm. Adjust the discharge particle size. The detailed parameters for this device are as follows:

1, PEW145 European version of Gold Crushing Machine: feed port size (length, width) is 1400mm, 1100mm, feed size & 930mm, with motor power 200Kw, hourly processing capacity 400t-1050t.

2, PEW160 European version of Gold Crushing Machine: feed port size (length, width) is 1600mm, 1200mm, feed size &l; 1000mm, with motor power 250Kw, hourly processing capacity 520t-1250t.

Gold Crushing Machine is environmentally friendly and low carbon, meeting the needs of green production

Environmentally friendly and low carbon is the basic feature of Gold Crushing Machines, meeting the green production needs of users and creating high standards of environmental protection.

1. The source is environmentally friendly: the source inlet and the outlet of the dust are sealed with a sealing cover, and the dust is blown by the fan to cooperate with the dust collector to eliminate the dust trouble generated during the crushing process.

2, low-carbon self-owned method: the motor is advanced, the kinetic energy is more sufficient, reducing the power consumption and loss, the whole crushing process is lower carbon, the single machine energy saving is 45%, and the annual saving is 50,000-80,000 yuan.

The Gold Crushing Machine market is popular, with customers in more than 100 countries around the world.

The Gold Crushing Machine with high efficiency and environmental protection features is popular in the market, and its customers are spread over more than 100 countries around the world. Many suppliers in India, Indonesia, Nigeria, and the Philippines have loyal users. From the customer source, it can also reflect the scope of the company’s business, all over the world, as long as you have the demand, you can always contact customer service online, the supplier is not only to provide you with quality equipment, but also provides a full set of transportation, installation, Debugging operation, repair, maintenance and other series of services, so that users can buy worry-free!

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