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Grinding roller for Concrete Block Making Machine

Nowadays, due to the rapid development of the material processing industry in various industries, Concrete Block Making Machines have gradually become important fine powder processing equipment in the machinery industry. The development of the powder industry has not only achieved great success in the industry, but also helped us in our daily life. We can have these achievements, of course, all from the development of the mill industry, let us live our lives. It’s so colorful.

It is mainly to explain how long it takes to change the grinding roller inside the Concrete Block Making Machine. The grinding roller is one of the wearing parts inside the grinding equipment, because when the material is processed, the main motor drives the spindle and the turntable through the reducer. The turntable slightly drives dozens of grinding rollers to rotate in the loop. The material is scattered to the periphery under the action of centrifugation and falls into the grinding chamber, and is ground and rolled by a grinding roller in the loop. Therefore, the wear of the grinding roller is quite normal, so how long does it take to replace it? Next, give you a specific analysis to explain.

First of all, the grinding roller inside the Concrete Block Making Machine depends on what material it is made of. The high-quality material can extend the life of the grinding roller. When processing the material, the friction can not be avoided. For a long time, the grinding roller will be slow. Slow thinning. Therefore, in general, the use time of the grinding roller needs to be replaced in time after reaching 500 hours. If the replacement is not found in time, the grinding roller may be severely worn and deformed, and the particle size of the ground powder may not be qualified at that time.

Therefore, in our daily production, the accessories inside the Concrete Block Making Machine should be inspected regularly. If the wearing parts are found to be seriously worn, they should be replaced in time, not only the grinding rollers, but other such as the ground nut and the blade. Wear of consumable parts such as bearings, and deal with problems in a timely manner. In general, the components should be maintained in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Our SBM is a professional supplier of grinding and crushing equipment in Shanghai. We are committed to creating high-quality Concrete Block Making Machines, reducing the probability of malfunction of Concrete Block Making Machines and extending the service life of grinding equipment.

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