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How to determine the Coal Processing Machine deceleration and transmission system



When designing the Coal Processing Machine, we have to design a variety of systems, including the determination of the drive system and the deceleration system, this article will introduce you in detail:

First, the deceleration system

The reduction ratio of the Coal Processing Machine is the ratio of the motor speed to the initial grinding roller speed, that is, i = motor speed / initial grinding roller speed. The deceleration system is decelerated by two poles. Firstly, it is driven by a belt, and then the power is transmitted to the horizontal secondary gear reduction box by the large pulley. The output shaft of the rear reducer transmits power to the grinding roller, and the grinding roller performs milling. motion. This achieves the purpose of the Coal Processing Machine deceleration to determine the deceleration system.

Second, the transmission system

To determine the transmission system of the Coal Processing Machine, first determine the total transmission ratio, and then make a reasonable distribution of the transmission ratio. In general, the transmission system must have a compact structure, light weight, low cost and good lubrication conditions. The Coal Processing Machine has three-stage transmission, which is divided into a first-stage belt drive and a two-stage spur gear transmission. The transmission ratio of the belt drive should be controlled within 1.5-2.5, and the unfolded gear reducer can be used. In any case, strict control of the transmission ratio of the drives at all levels is required. The gear ratio distribution should satisfy the formula i1=(1.3-1.4)i2, where i1 is the high speed gear ratio and i2 is the low speed gear ratio. In the calculation of the transmission system motion parameters, we can assume that the motor shaft is an axis, so that each axis can be named two-axis, three-axis and four-axis from the high-speed shaft of the reducer, and the main drive shaft is the fifth axis, driven The toothed roller shaft is the sixth axis, and then the rotational speed, power and shaft torque of each shaft are calculated separately. The drive system was determined.

When determining the deceleration and transmission system of the Coal Processing Machine, we must consider the problem in all aspects, make the system structure as simple as possible, reduce the number of failure points and improve the automation of the machine.

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