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Complex oscillating Coal Crusher

Complex swinging Coal Crusher advantages

1, Lighter weight, less structure and more compact structure;

2, The crushing chamber is well filled, the material block is evenly crushed, and the lower end of the moving jaw is forced to unload the finished product, so the productivity is higher, which is higher than the productivity of the simple swinging Coal Crusher of the same specification. -30%:

3, The material has a large up and down tumble motion in the lower part of the moving jaw, which is easy to be discharged in the shape of a cube, which reduces the sheet-like composition like the simple swinging Coal Crusher, and the product quality is good.

Disadvantages of complex oscillating Coal Crusher

The vertical swing of the moving jaw is large, and the material block not only has the functions of extrusion, splitting and bending, but also can be used for grinding and squeezing (up and down pressing). The grinding effect of the material on the raft is serious, and the wear of the raft is accelerated. The energy consumption is increased, the excessive crushing of the material is intensified, and the dust generated is also more.

Compared with the two types of crushers, the advantage of the simple pendulum Coal Crusher is that the vertical stroke of the moving jaw is small, and the lining plate is lightly worn; in the work, the connecting rod exerts a small force and the bracket can generate a large thrust; The disadvantage is that the structure is more complicated and heavier, and it is 20%-30% heavier than the crusher of the same specification; secondly, its moving trajectory is not ideal, and the upper horizontal stroke is smaller and the lower horizontal stroke is larger. The material distribution in the crushing chamber is: the upper lining block is larger and the lower cavity lining block is smaller, the large block requires a larger crushing stroke and the small block is just the opposite. If the bulk material requirements are met, the horizontal stroke of the discharge port is too large, and the product granularity cannot be guaranteed. In addition, in the process of crushing materials, there is a hindrance to discharge. Therefore, under the same conditions, it is about 30% less productive than the compound pendulum breaker. With the improvement of the quality of the rolling bearing and the wear resistance of the wear-resistant material and the use of modern design methods to reduce the wear of the lining, the compound pendulum Coal Crusher basically replaces the simple pendulum Coal Crusher. Domestic large-scale 1500*2100 compound pendulum Coal Crusher and foreign 1800*2100 and 2000*3000 compound pendulum Coal Crusher.

In recent years, domestic colleges and universities, design institutes and manufacturing plants have developed several kinds of special-shaped Coal Crushers. Although they have achieved certain results and have certain promotion effects on the development of the crusher industry, they have not been widely used. At present, the vast majority of domestic and foreign markets are still complex pendulum Coal Crushers. This crusher should be developed vigorously.

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