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The solution to the problem of poor powder discharge in Cement Grinding Machine

In the use of Cement Grinding Machines, various powder abnormalities are often encountered. In the production, the problem of poor powder discharge of the Cement Grinding Machine can be solved by a suitable method. Generally, the occurrence of powder problems may involve the corresponding equipment reasons, or the powder blockage caused by improper use of equipment may be solved according to the correct use method.

Relatively reasonable use of the Cement Grinding Machine can make the production of the whole machine play a higher use value, and the occurrence of the powder problem may have the following reasons.

What is easy to occur is the problem of blockage of the main air duct of the new Cement Grinding Machine, which is the cause of most of the blockage. The possible causes are mainly related to the number of materials to be delivered or the related impurities. In addition, the length of the blade

In the case of air leakage, the general pipeline is also prone to air leakage and the like. This requires repairing the pipeline and other components, and ending according to a certain treatment method to avoid the problem of air leakage caused by the internal air pressure instability. Speaking of the problem of the pipeline, we need to pay attention to the problem that the length of the pipeline is too long or the curve is too much, which may cause problems such as excessive resistance in the material transportation and blockage of materials.

In production, we need to pay attention to the corresponding Cement Grinding Machine powder blockage and other issues, in accordance with the correct treatment. Only when the correct treatment method is used to solve the problem of powder blockage, can the powder be better and the powder powder can be prevented from being produced.

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