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Carbon Black Grinding Machine noise source


We all know that the body’s long-term interference with noise can be harmful and not good. Short-term noise can also cause discomfort such as tinnitus, so we should avoid noise as much as possible in our lives. As the main machinery for ore grinding, the Carbon Black Grinding Machine will inevitably emit some noise during work. It is necessary for us to take some measures to prevent it and to avoid bringing trouble to the residents living around. At present, there are many measures to control the noise generated by the Carbon Black Grinding Machine at work. There are some measures to effectively control the noise pollution. These measures are basically implemented around how to reduce the sound source, and to a large extent ensure the first-line production. The health of the person.

The noise generated by the Carbon Black Grinding Machine at work "sound source" originated from?

When the Carbon Black Grinding Machine machine is working, the noise generated is “sound source”. During the grinding process, the metal steel ball in the drum collides with the cylinder and the material to produce impact sound and friction sound (additional Carbon Black Grinding Machine The size of the diameter is directly related to the amount of noise generated. Secondly, the mechanical gearing noise between the gear transmission part and the electromagnetic jujube nuclear exhaust noise generated by the motor are added, and there are some working when the Carbon Black Grinding Machine works. Other auxiliary equipment, therefore, the noise generated by the superimposed sounds of the working together sounds on the human body is very large. Although these noises are unavoidable, we can take some corresponding measures to effectively control the noise and reduce the noise damage to us. The effective and direct method for the noise of the Carbon Black Grinding Machine is from “ Sound source & rdquo; start, reduce the sound source and control the sound source.

Starting from “sound source”, implement measures to effectively control noise

a, install sound insulation cover

Sound enclosures are generally divided into two types, fixed and movable. It can be selected according to the on-site construction environment. The sound insulation cover can cover the entire Carbon Black Grinding Machine, and then put the attractor in the cover to eliminate the mixing noise. Although this method can not completely control the noise, it can reduce the noise by half. However, there are two disadvantages: the Carbon Black Grinding Machine is easy to dissipate heat, and the sound insulation cover is not easy to ventilate. The second is that the Carbon Black Grinding Machine is large in size. The use of the sound insulation cover may cause inconvenience in later maintenance, so it needs to be solved. These two problems.

b, set the soundproof room

The soundproof room is improved from the sound insulation cover. It solves the problem of small space and difficult maintenance, and there are still many people in use, but there is still a problem of poor ventilation and heat dissipation, so ventilation equipment needs to be installed.

c, using a soft sound curtain

The soft sound insulation curtain has actually been developed from abroad. It uses the soft and elastic sound absorption of fiber materials to make a sound insulation curtain. It has good lighting and ventilation, and the material is resistant to high temperature and soft. Folded, especially suitable for use in Carbon Black Grinding Machine workplaces.

The above is an effective measure to control the noise source of the Carbon Black Grinding Machine. In addition, a soundproof and vibration-proof operation room should be established. The operator can operate the machine in the soundproof room and regularly patrol outside, thus reducing the worker and noise. The contact time, in addition to each operator should be equipped with anti-noise ear protectors, anti-vibration shoes and other anti-noise devices, multiple to ensure that first-line producers are away from noise pollution.

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