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Common faults and troubleshooting methods for Bentonite Grinding Machines

Bentonite Grinding Machine is one of the more common equipments for mining equipment. It is mainly used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, ore, etc. The Bentonite Grinding Machine is mainly responsible for the grinding and processing of materials. Due to the versatility of the machine and the indispensable equipment in the mining field, understanding the common faults and troubleshooting methods of Bentonite Grinding Machines is the skill of each industry. The following common faults of the mill are for the reference of the industry:

Fault 1: Bentonite Grinding Machine does not produce powder or produces less powder

Reason: A, the locker is not adjusted well, the seal is not tight, and the powder is sucked. Solution: Adjust the size of the locker and adjust it to the proper position. If there is a leak, the blade should be placed. B. The blade wear is serious, the material cannot be shoveled, or the shovel is not in place. Solution: Replace the new blade.

Fault 2: The finished powder is too thick or too fine

Reason: A. It may be that the blade of the classifier is worn more seriously and cannot be classified. Solution: Adjust the air intake of the fan or replace the new one. B. The air volume of the fan is too small or too large. Solution: Adjust the air volume of the fan and adjust it to the appropriate size.

Fault 3: The current of the Bentonite Grinding Machine rises and the fan current drops.

Reason: A. The feeding speed is too fast, the air passage is congested, and the pipe exhaust is not smooth. Solution: Reduce the amount of feed, clean the powder at the air passage, and keep the air passage open. B. Open the large air duct valve and control the temperature of the inlet to below 6 degrees.

Fault 4: The host of the Bentonite Grinding Machine is noisy and has a strong vibration.

Reason: A, the feed port, too little material, the blade is very worn, and the machine is not fixed firmly. Solution: Adjust the amount of feed, replace the blade of the new Bentonite Grinding Machine, and fix the foot bolt. B. The material is too hard, resulting in a large impact. Solution: Replace the particle size of the raw material. C. The grinding roller of the Bentonite Grinding Machine is seriously deformed and not round. Solution: Replace the new grinding roller and grinding ring.

Fault 5: The Bentonite Grinding Machine fan is very vibrating

Reason: A. The moving crusher has accumulated a lot of accumulated powder on the blades of the Bentonite Grinding Machine or the degree of wear is not the same. Solution: Clean up the powder on the blades or replace the blades. B, the foot is not fixed firmly. Solution: Use a wrench to tighten the tripod screws.

Fault 6: Analyze fuel tank and transmission heating

Reason: A. It may be that the viscosity of the oil is too thick, and the oil pump cannot pump the oil up, so that the upper running parts are short of oil. Solution: Check if the viscosity of the oil is appropriate. B. Check if the running direction of the analyzer is normal.

Fault 7: The grinding roller of the Bentonite Grinding Machine is damaged.

Reason: A. It may be that the Bentonite Grinding Machine bearing is short of oil, resulting in damage to the bearing or poor sealing of the seal. Solution: Repair the various components on time, according to quantity and time.

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