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Factors affecting the particle size of Barite Processing Machine


In the mining equipment, there are many types of Barite Processing Machines, including different models and structural principles, respectively, for different user needs, production, etc., mainly Barite Processing Machine equipment, high-pressure Barite Processing Machine, ultra-fine movement Crushers, etc., for different materials in different fields, the main industry areas are mining, metallurgy, chemicals, building materials, electricity, ceramics, etc., and the continuous sales of their equipment with the development of the industry is also constantly increasing, equipment The degree of sophistication is also constantly improving. The Barite Processing Machine has become better and better in the market in recent years. It can be seen that the Barite Processing Machine equipment occupies an important position in China’s economic development and improves productivity. And it has promoted the progress and development of society. However, many Barite Processing Machines can meet the needs of customers, but they have not achieved results in actual production. This is mainly due to the lack of attention in the use. Let us look at the factors affecting the particle size of the Barite Processing Machine.

First, Barite Processing Machine main engine speed

When the speed of the Barite Processing Machine is too high or too low, the coarse powder or fine powder will be transferred to the powder outlet too early, which will affect the fineness of the material; we need to adjust the motor current of the Barite Processing Machine to achieve the right Speed ​​adjustment.

Second, Barite Processing Machine fan speed

The speed of the Barite Processing Machine fan is relatively light. If the wind is too large, the powder that does not meet the fineness requirement will be blown into the powder collector. Conversely, if the material has a large specific gravity, the wind will be too small. Affect the discharge. The speed of the fan directly affects the size of the wind and is also an important factor.

Third, Barite Processing Machine analyzer blades

The Barite Processing Machine analyzer has a large number of blades installed inside, which are distributed in the shape of a sun.

Fourth, the degree of wear of the grinding roller grinding ring of the Barite Processing Machine

When the Barite Processing Machine is in normal operation, the grinding roller and the grinding ring are not in direct contact with the use.

The above four cases are the reasons for the problem of the fineness of the Barite Processing Machine, and the solution. If you feel that the Barite Processing Machine can’t meet your fineness requirements, you can contact us directly, we can provide you with For other products, our SBM is a specialized Barite Processing Machine equipment supplier. We can provide you with a variety of Barite Processing Machine equipment, which can design and produce Barite Processing Machine equipment configuration according to your actual production conditions to meet your needs.

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