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Barite Mining Process Machine structure design

In recent years, the scale of domestic infrastructure construction and the rapid development of the automobile industry have made the demand for glass fiber materials increase every year. In addition, with the continuous development of glass fiber products, its application fields are becoming more and more extensive. Pyrophyllite is the main raw material for the production of glass fiber. China’s abundant national leaf wax reserves have laid a resource advantage for domestic enterprises to produce glass fiber.

However, the pyrophyllite grinding technology is a major obstacle to the development of the domestic glass fiber industry. The original pyrophyllite grinding equipment was a Raymond mill, but its production time was only about 1 ton. It not only has low output, high energy consumption, but also its product size is difficult to control. In recent years, the advent of the LM series Barite Mining Process Machine has provided a broader prospect for the pyrophyllite grinding technology.

LM series Barite Mining Process Machine is a high-efficiency energy-saving equipment developed by SBM based on extensive absorption of foreign advanced technology and summarizing the application experience of Barite Mining Process Machines at home and abroad. It has been successfully applied in cement raw material grinding, pulverized coal preparation and limestone powder for desulfurization. So what is the effect of LM Barite Mining Process Machine for pyrophyllite grinding?

We first studied the physical properties of the following pyrophyllites, which are layered silicate minerals, often in the form of scaly, leaf-like or dense block aggregates. So is the Barite Mining Process Machine suitable for grinding pyrophyllite?

For Barite Mining Process Machine drive systems, Barite Mining Process Machines are ideal for milling pyrophyllite. The pyrophyllite raw material has a small particle size, and the finished product has high moisture and fineness requirements. The LM Barite Mining Process Machine grinds the material by rolling the roller several times and grinding the material falling on the grinding disc, and the grinding disc rotation speed can be adjusted. It is balanced and matched with the material being ground to achieve the required fineness. Moreover, the LM hot blast stove can control the moisture moisture of the finished product by adjusting the amount of hot air.

In the design of the disc liner and the roller sleeve, the material on the disc contains finer fine particles of 1 to 40 μm during the ultrafine grinding of the pyrophyllite. The material of the bed contains a large amount of gas during the production due to the gas flow. Sexuality is too good. The grinding roller of LM Barite Mining Process Machine adopts tire type, which can not only avoid the edge wear effect of the grinding roller working face, but also can be used for turning over, which prolongs the service life, and effectively blocks the material and adjusts the height of the retaining ring on the grinding disc. , reduce the movement speed of the material on the grinding disc, and achieve stable operation of the mill.

In terms of choice of wear-resistant materials, the wear-resistant materials on the grinding rolls and grinding discs of the LM series Barite Mining Process Machine are all repaired by on-site regenerative repair welding, which not only solves the problem of maintaining good working condition of the raw material Barite Mining Process Machine, but more importantly, Significantly improve material utilization, save resources, reduce labor intensity, and improve the operating rate of equipment and process systems. The wear of the grinding roller and the disc liner is more serious. The wear only occurs in a limited area. The surface of the sleeve wear is repaired during the inspection. The surfacing process is automatically completed outside the mill or in the mill.

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