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Ball Grinding Machine bearing


As we all know, the bearing of the Ball Grinding Machine is one of the most important wearable parts, and if the bearing is improperly protected, it will easily overheat and the equipment will not operate normally. If there is frequent bearing damage or failure, the whole type will be caused. If the Ball Grinding Machine can’t work, it is also a very troublesome thing, so a good solution is to carefully care for the Ball Grinding Machine bearings in the daily maintenance and do the basic maintenance methods.

The general problems of Ball Grinding Machine bearings are probably due to the following reasons. The Ball Grinding Machine bearings are poorly lubricated. The poor lubrication is the main cause of premature damage of the Ball Grinding Machine bearings. The main reason is that the lubrication is not timely added or replaced. Oil and lubricating oil are not properly selected, lubricating oil is not added, and lubricating oil is contaminated.

The bearing fatigue of the Ball Grinding Machine is caused by the fatigue of the bearing for a long time, and the bearing is not fatigued. In the long run, the bearing will be deformed and aged, so that it cannot be used. Therefore, the load that each bearing can carry should be appropriately reduced.

The pollution of the Ball Grinding Machine bearing is mainly due to the fact that some sand and material dust enter the inside of the bearing, which causes the lubricant to be injected with impurities, which will cause the bearing to work under the friction of impurities, resulting in more than necessary wear.

he bearings are improperly installed, tilted, or have a small bearing clearance and are prone to friction.

Once the Ball Grinding Machine bearing enters the leakage of dust and lubricating gold, it will affect the working interface of the bearing, which will lead to an increase in the friction coefficient of the bearing during the transfer process, which is prone to high temperature heating and equipment failure.

Finally, the brute force was used during installation, and the tool tapping caused the displacement of the Ball Grinding Machine bearing, resulting in wear. Probably the reason is also these aspects.

The reasons for the bearing problems are the above points. For these reasons, we should take some measures for maintenance and maintenance during daily use. The bearing can be inspected once every 3-5 days, and the lubricating oil in the bearing can be replaced or added once in 10 days or half a month. When the Ball Grinding Machine works for 20 days to one month, the bearing should be thoroughly cleaned. And the grinding rod and the grinding ring should be cleaned once, then the clean lubricating oil should be replaced, and the grinding roller, grinding ring and bearing with serious wear should be replaced at the same time. When adding the lubricating oil, we have to refuel. Tools are checked to avoid problems such as blockages.

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